How Can I Help You?

If you want to Lose Weight, Stop Smoking, Stress Less, Sleep, Get over an Addiction or Phobia, build Confidence, pass Exams  I can help you.


I have helped people just like you with these things and more, it just starts with getting in touch  07535 981384 or email


I look forward to helping you soon, 



How does it work?


Hypnosis works quickly and easily to help you change how you feel because I can work with your subconscious mind. I could write pages and pages on how it works and the history of hypnosis but in the real world how it works is you relax and have a pleasant experience while I do the work for you to feel differently. Its so simple, so relaxing and theres nothing at all to worry about


If you want to know more, give me a call or get in touch and we can have a no obligation chat. Talk soon! Andy