I have been a hypnotherapist for 8 years and have helped people with all sorts of problems. Whatever you want to chnage in your life, you'll be in safe hands. I know change can seem scary, but with my help it will be an easy, relaxing process that you will probably enjoy!


Are you stressed? trouble sleeping? Worried about your drinking? are drugs an issue?

Maybe its social anxiety or any sort of phobia or worry?


Whatever it is, I will take you seriously, listen to you and help you to change - its easy!


Weight loss is an area I help a lot of people with. Whether its binge eating, emotional eating, sticking to a diet I have helped lots of people just like you. Willpower will only get us so far sometimes.


I can change the relationship you have with food for good. 

You will still enjoy food but it will be on your terms and under control


Smoking - you know its bad for you, I'm sure you would like to stop for health reasons, to save money, for lots of other reasons, yet something stops you stopping somehow? Well I can help that!


What if you felt differently about cigarettes? If you could get the things you get from cigarettes but withouut smoking? What if you felt the same about cigarettes as you did a pencil or a shoelace? 


I can take away the craving and leave you feeling great about it too